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Osteopathy at the AldwickBury Clinic helps bring pain relief to people in Harpenden and the surrounding area.


At 44 years old I had my first serious back problem after picking up a heavy weight, it seemed terminal. I suddenly knew how it felt not to be able to bend, not to be able to touch the floor and to be in almost constant pain. I needed strong pain killers and tears came to my eyes many times. After 3 visits to Claire over a couple of weeks I honestly feel better than I was before. I walked 10 miles a few days ago and am now running, doing sit ups, press ups, everything! Claire knew exactly what to do and how much to tackle at each session. I had an acute injury when I first met her and she gave me a huge amount of reassurance and told me what I could expect. She also advised me on posture and exercises. The gentle manipulations she performed literally took years off my life. I feel the charges were well worth it. I am still waiting for my first appointment to see the NHS physiotherapist but she won’t have much left to do.

- Helen Brunskill, Brunskill Design

Running ten 10k’’s was a daft idea aged 47 this year. Thankfully, Claire prepared me for every race and repaired me post race with the wonder of Osteopathic Treatment. Claire has been brilliant. She has helped me throughout, been thorough and professional, she is also trained in the use of Kinesiology tape of which I have used, to much benefit. I have recommended many friends and fellow sporting types to Claire and would not hesitate in recommending her to you.

- Robert Howes

My daughter had a constant headache for two years following an accident and after one treatment with Claire, had relief for a short period. Claire set up a cranial programme for her which included a number of treatments over a period of twelve weeks. The treatments were effective and totally cured her from her daily headaches. She now sees Claire on a monthly basis.

- Sarah Murphy

I have a very complex and unusual syndrome with lots of side effects. Claire researched the condition thoroughly before treating me and I am now pain free and much more mobile thanks to Claire’s effective and knowledgeable treatment.

- Roberta McGuinness

I am writing in both my capacity as Treasurer of the Barnet Elizabethans Rugby Football Club and as a private patient. I would first like to thank you for the services you have been providing to the rugby club over the past 3 years. Your skills and expertise have ensured players are either able to continue playing in games after an on-field incident or have returned earlier than might have been expected after a more serious injury. For that, the club is truly grateful of the skills and commitment you have provided us. On a personal note, I suffered a trapped nerve in my shoulder before Christmas, which was just not getting better. After only three visits to your clinic I am delighted to report the pain has completely gone and I am no longer hooking my golf shots, which was a particularly unpleasant side effect of my shoulder pain. Thank you very much for your hard work, commitment and expertise which we greatly value.

- Robert Howell, Barnet Elizabethans Rugby Football Club Treasurer

I came to see Claire after picking up a rib injury whilst playing football. She assessed the problem and quickly recommended a course of treatment. I found Claire to be thorough, friendly and professional and within a few weeks of treatment I made a full recovery. I would happily recommend Claire to all my family and friends.

- James Blackman, UK Kolours

I want to thank you so much for the very interesting and informative talk you gave us last night on Osteopathy. We all suffer, at various times, from aches and pains and it was extremely helpful to be made aware of the the safest way to lift heavy items, what shoes to wear to protect our feet and spines and to consider the dimesions and contents of our handbags!! Of particular interest was the demonstration you gave on Abby, with the absolute spot on diagnosis of her back problems. Everyone had a lovely evening and send you their regards. We look forward to inviting you again in the future, as long as you are not too busy and fully booked!

- Linda Curiel, Welwyn Woman's Institute

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