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Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are becoming increasingly common as todays society understands the importance of moderate levels of sport and leisure, when aiming to stay fit and healthy, as part of a well-balanced lifestyle.

As a result, injuries associated with sport are also on the rise. As a practitioner I want to make it clear that one should never ignore the possibility of harm to ones joints and body from an inadequately prevented or managed injury highlighting the need for effective treatment.

Injuries can range from those sustained from gentle jogging as a means of maintaining one's cardio-vascular fitness to injuries sustained at competition level, threatening ones professional sports career.

When treating and working with recovering players and sports men and women every stage of rehabilitation requires constant monitoring. People recover at different rates and so it is important to seek regular treatment to avoid regression and compensatory changes in the body that often come about with injury and the healing process.


Sport Psychology

As a keen sports woman I like to think I understand the pressures and often despondence that comes with being unable to train; from keeping fit, to competition level. This insight enables me to offer the compassion and support that is often needed when coming back from injury!! There is a lot of psychology involved when working with athletes and quite often you have to be your patient’s best friend and their worst enemy, a shoulder to cry on and a counsellor. 

Returning to training is often a lengthy process and shouldn't be rushed. Making a comeback too soon will very often result in a re-occurrence of the original injury and/or the potential for a new injury to arise, likely due to the body’s compensation mechanisms.

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