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Osteopathy at the AldwickBury Clinic helps bring pain relief to people in Harpenden and the surrounding area.

Osteopathy & pregnancy

Osteopathic care throughout pregnancy provides the mum to be with the special benefit of adjusting the functions of her body to the demands of the progressing pregnancy. Seemingly minor problems, especially those in the back may be the beginning of a lifetime of musculo-skeletal difficulties.

  • The pelvis is the foundation upon which the entire spinal column is balanced. Forward tilting of the pelvis occurs in pregnancy and compensations for this may lead to acute or chronic backache.
  • An increase in lordosis (the hollow of your back) will develop throughout the pregnancy, often attributed to pain and discomfort especially as obesity and the growing foetus compound the curve.
  • Alterations in posture affect the spinal ligaments and disc structures of the spine. In order to maintain effective balance excessive muscle strain may occur.
  • As the uterus enlarges the abdominal muscles become distended, causing them to lose their tone.
  • All of the above mean that osteopathic advice and treatment can be invaluable during pregnancy and post-partum.

Pregnancy treatment includes soft tissue work, articulation, manipulation and relief of gravitational strain. Advice may be given on improving posture, breathing and increasing the facilitation and drainage of blood and lymphatic fluid. No one wants swollen ankles!!


Even if you are not experiencing any discomfort or pain, a check up can be useful to give you advice on problems that might occur, as well as exercise, diet and posture.


You can continue to have regular monthly check ups and treatment for any aches and pains, which may have started to occur. During this time hormones are released including ones that relax your ligaments in preparation for birth. Osteopathic techniques can correct spinal and pelvic imbalances and maintain a healthy posture throughout the whole of your pregnancy.


The Post-natal period is a perfect time to seek treatment to ensure that whilst the body is getting back to normal, the pelvis, joints and muscles are aligned and balanced without restriction to avoid further discomfort. Nursing a new baby also adds stresses and strains to your spine all which can be eased thorough gentle osteopathic treatment.

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